Leave & Absence

Leave & Absence

1. No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and is to be entered in the Non-Attendance and Leave Record in the Calendar. After an absence due to illness, especially of a contagious nature, a Fitness Certificate from a doctor would also be required.

2. Except on duly certified grounds, no extension of vacation is allowed. This applies to every vacation. Late arrivals who have not obtained previous sanction will have their name struck off the rolls. If re-admitted, they must pay the entrance fee again.

3. On his return to school, every absentee must produce his parent’s written explanation of his absence, in the Non-Attendance and Leave Record of the Calendar. Failure to produce such explanation may result in the pupil being sent home, in which circumstance the school disclaims all responsibility for his safety.

4. Pupils, who without due leave, are absent for over a week without explanation are struck off the rolls, and as a rule, not re-admitted. If re-admitted, they must pay the entrance fee again.

5. Repeated or prolonged absence without leave renders the pupil dismissed. If a pupil is likely to be absent because of illness for more than a week, the Principal must be informed within a week.

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